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Chicago Rapper Under Investigation After Police See Rocket Launcher on his Instagram.

DJ Akademiks speaks on Chicago Rapper ‘Rondo Numba Nine’ being under investigation after Police spot what seemed to be a ‘ROCKET LAUNCHER’ on his Instagram. Chi-Raq was getting to real and the cops are closing on this coon who now is backpeddling form his comments. Listen to DJ Akademiks speak on this coon. Subscribe and Comments and THUMBS UP if you want This COON LOCKED...

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Chicago Rapper Posts Up His Rocket Launcher On Instagram

DJ Akademiks Speaks on a Chicago rapper who goes by the name RondoNumbaNine who showed just how real it’s become in the mean streets of Chiraq when he shared a couple of pics on Instagram showing off what appears to be a legit rocket launcher. He’s since deleted the photos from his account, but you can check them out up top. According to XXL, RondoNumbaNine is an affiliate of Lil Durk’s OTF imprint who’s been co-signed by Lupe Fiasco, Meek Mill, Jeezy, and more. Follow @iamAkademiks Add on Facebook...

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Chicago Rapper ‘Young QC’ Kills His Own Mother For Life Insurance Money To Floss on IG!

Check out DJ Akademiks New Youtube: DJ Akademiks Speaks on Chicago Rapper ‘Young QC’ Killing His Own Mother To Get 90 K from her Bank Account and 2 Life Insurance Policies. He then used all that money to Floss on IG, Facebook and Youtube. What do you think about this? News Story: Follow Me on Twitter Add me on Facebook Instagram:...

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